Actin, Muscle Specific (HHF35)

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DIAGNOSTICS F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

Actin, Muscle Specific (HHF35)

Actin, Muscle Specific (HHF35), muscle, 200x
Catalog Number:760-2601
Ordering Code:05267161001
Quantity:50 tests
Controls:Skeletal Muscle
Clone Name:HHF35
Regulatory Status:IVD

Actin is a major component of the cytoskeleton. This antibody recognizes actin of skeletal, cardiac, and smooth muscle cells. It is not reactive with other mesenchymal cells except for myoepithelium. Actin can be resolved on the basis of its isoelectric points into three distinctive components: alpha, beta, and gamma in order of increasing isoelectric point. Anti-muscle specific actin recognizes alpha and gamma isotypes of all muscle groups. Non-muscle cells such as vascular endothelial cells and connective tissues are non-reactive. Also, neoplastic cells of non-muscle-derived tissue such as carcinomas, melanomas, and lymphomas are negative. This antibody is useful in the identification of rhabdoid cellular elements.