Oct-2 (MRQ-2)

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DIAGNOSTICS F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

Oct-2 (MRQ-2)

Oct-2 (MRQ-2), tonsil, 100x
Catalog Number:760-4447
Ordering Code:05973791001
Quantity:50 tests
Controls:Lymph Node, Tonsil
Clone Name:MRQ-2
Regulatory Status:IVD

Oct-2 is a transcription factor of the POU homeo-domain family that binds to the Ig gene octamer sites, regulating B-cell-specific genes. These are involved in proliferation and differentiation and despite the scarce evidence for Oct-2 expression in T cells, it has been shown that this factor participates in transcriptional regulation during T-cell activation. Oct-2 activity is dependent on phosphorylation and alternatitive splicing, although it seems that the level of its expression can be used as a marker of B-cell lineage and differentiation. The following show high levels of Oct-2 expression: germinal center B-cells, mantle B-cells, monocytoid B-cells, and plasma cells. Various lymphomas are also positive for this marker including the following: B-chronic lymphocytic leukemia, mantle cell lymphoma, follicular lymphoma, marginal zone lymphoma, plasmacytoma, Burkitt lymphoma, diffuse large cell lymphoma, diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, T-cell rich B-cell lymphoma, nodular lymphocyte predominant Hodgkin lymphoma, classic Hodgkin lymphoma.