BG8, Lewisy (F3)

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BG8, Lewisy (F3)

BG8, Lewis(y) (F3), lung, 200x
Catalog Number:760-4450
Ordering Code:05973767001
Quantity:50 tests
Controls:Lung Adenocarcinoma
Clone Name:F3
Regulatory Status:IVD

Blood group antigens have been examined as potential descriminators between pulmonary adenocarcinoma (PACA) and epithelioid mesotheloma (EM). Lewisy is the only one of these that appears to have some merit. BG8 is raised from the SK-LU-3 lung cancer line and its ability to distinguish between PACA and EM was first reported by Jordon and colleagues in 1989. Three groups have since reported their results. These studies included 231 cases of PACA and 197 cases of EM. Sensitivity and specificity for PACA were both 93%. Yaziji H et al. reported a senstitivy of nonmesothelial antigens for adenocarcinoma as organ dependent, with BG8 performing at 98% in the breast cancer group, and 100% in the lung cancer group. The specificity of the nonmesothelial (non-EM) antigens for adenocarcinoma was 98% for BG8. They concluded using logical regression analysis that a three-antibody immunohistochemical panel including calretinin, BG8, and MOC-31 would provide 96% sensitivity and specificity for distinguishing EM from adenocarcinoma from a variety of sources (lung, ovary, breast, stomach).