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DIAGNOSTICS F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

Product List: ISH Ancillaries

65 results found.

Product NameCatalog #Ordering CodeQuantity
100 Drop Anti-Hapten Antibody 1253-456506275834001100 tests
100 Drop Anti-Hapten Antibody 2253-456606275842001100 tests
100 Drop Anti-Hapten Antibody 3253-456706275869001100 tests
100 Drop Anti-Hapten Antibody 4253-456806276504001100 tests
100 Drop Anti-Hapten Antibody 5253-456906276512001100 tests
Alu Positive Control Probe II780-22210527204100150 dispenses
Cell Conditioning 1 (CC1)950-124052798010012 L bottle
Cell Conditioning 2 (CC2)950-123052797980011 L bottle
EZ Prep (10x)950-102052797710012 L bottle
Hematoxylin II790-220805277965001250 tests
HER2 DUAL ISH 3-in-1 Xenograft Slides783-44220564030000110 slides
HPV 3 in 1 System Control Slides783-221905273587001 10 Slides
HPV Family 6 System Control Slides (B)782-28390527352800110 Slides
HybReady780-44090591755700125 mL
ISH Amplification Kit760-3000772902200150 tests
ISH Block780-446105994918001100 Tests
ISH Negative Control780-29020527216500150 dispenses
ISH Peroxidase Inhibitor780-50610772901400150 tests
ISH Probe 1243-43690644755400150 tests
ISH Probe 2243-43700644756200150 tests
ISH Probe 3243-43990644758900150 tests
ISH Probe 4243-44000644759700150 tests
ISH Probe 5243-44010644761900150 tests
ISH Probe 6243-44020644762700150 tests
ISH Probe 7243-44030644763500150 tests
ISH Probe 8243-44040644764300150 tests
ISH Probe 9243-44050644765100150 tests
ISH Probe 10243-44060644766000150 tests
ISH Probe 11 (25)233-46520659032200125 tests
ISH Probe 12 (25)233-46530659034900125 tests
ISH Probe 13 (25)233-46540659036500125 tests
ISH Probe 14 (25)233-46550659037300125 tests
ISH Probe 15 (25)233-46560659039000125 tests
ISH Probe 16 (25)233-46570659041100125 tests
ISH Probe 17 (25)233-46580659042000125 tests
ISH Probe 18 (25)233-46590659043800125 tests
ISH Probe 19 (25)233-46600659045400125 tests
ISH Probe 20 (25)233-46610659048900125 tests
ISH Probe 21 (25)233-46620659049700125 tests
ISH Probe 22 (25)233-46630659051900125 tests
ISH Probe 23 (25)233-46640659052700125 tests
ISH Probe 24 (25)233-46650659053500125 tests
ISH Probe Diluent760-440906375375001120 mL
ISH Protease 1780-414705273315001200 tests
ISH Protease 2780-414805273323001200 tests
ISH Protease 3780-414905273331001200 tests
Liquid Coverslip (High Temperature)650-010052648390012 L bottle
Protease Negative Reagent Control, VENTANA790-60400812908800150 tests
Reaction Buffer (10x)950-300053539550012 L bottle
Red Counterstain II780-221805272017001100 tests
RNA ISH Probe 1243-50660773411500150 tests
RNA ISH Probe 2243-50670773412300150 tests
RNA ISH Probe 3243-50680773414000150 tests
RNA ISH Probe 4243-50690773476000150 tests
RNA ISH Probe 5243-50700773477800150 tests
RNA ISH Probe 6243-50710773478600150 tests
RNA ISH Probe 7243-50720773479400150 tests
RNA ISH Probe 8243-50730773481600150 tests
RNA ISH Probe 9243-50740773482400150 tests
RNA ISH Probe 10243-50750773483200150 tests
SSC (10X)950-110053539470012 L bottle
ULTRA Cell Conditioning (ULTRA CC1)950-224054245690012 L bottle
ULTRA Cell Conditioning (ULTRA CC2)950-223054245420011 L bottle
ULTRA LCS (Predilute)650-210054245340012 L bottle
ultraView™ Silver Wash II780-003054467240012 L Bottle
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