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DIAGNOSTICS F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

25 products found.

Product NameCatalog #Ordering CodeQuantity
AFB III Staining Kit860-0270527943700175 tests
Alcian Blue for PAS860-0030527919400175 tests
Alcian Blue Staining Kit860-0020527918600175 tests
Alcian Yellow Staining Kit860-0170527932100175 tests
BenchMark Special Stains AFB Staining Kit860-0430843250300175 tests
Congo Red Staining Kit860-0260527942900140 tests
Diastase Kit 860-0040527920800175 tests
Elastic Staining Kit860-005 0527921600175 tests
Giemsa Staining Kit860-0060527922400175 tests
GMS II Staining Kit860-0280541274900175 tests
Gram Staining Kit860-0390689010500175 tests
Green for Trichrome860-0320652191600175 tests
Iron Staining Kit860-0090527925900175 tests
Jones H&E Staining Kit860-0190527934800140 tests
Jones Light Green Staining Kit860-0200527935600140 tests
Light Green for PAS860-0100527926700175 tests
Mucicarmine Staining Kit860-0110527927500175 tests
PAS Staining Kit860-0140527929100175 tests
Reticulum II Staining Kit860-0240527939900175 tests
Steiner II Staining Kit860-0300652189400140 tests
Steiner Staining Kit 860-018 0527933000140 tests
Trichrome II Blue Staining Kit860-0130527928300175 tests
Trichrome III Blue Staining Kit860-0220527936400175 tests
Trichrome III Green Staining Kit860-0230527937200175 tests
Trichrome Staining Kit860-0310652190800160 tests
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