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DIAGNOSTICS F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

41 products found.

Product NameCatalog #Ordering CodeQuantity
Ab Denaturation Reagent (RUO), DISCOVERY760-504807570791001125 tests
Amp BF Kit, DISCOVERY760-2260752942200150 tests
Amp Clear, DISCOVERY760-48410752945700150 tests
Amp HQ Kit, DISCOVERY 760-0520647232000150 tests
Amplification anti-HQ AP Multimer, DISCOVERY760-45210647231100150 tests
Amplification anti-HQ HRP Multimer, DISCOVERY760-46020644254400150 tests
anti-BF HRP, DISCOVERY760-48280752944900150 tests
Antibody Block, DISCOVERY 760-420405268869001250 tests
Antibody Dilution BufferADB25005280524001250 mL bottle
Biotinylated Rabbit Secondary Antibody, DISCOVERY 760-450706135234001250 tests
Bluing Reagent760-203705266769001250 tests
CC Plus760-148 05266530001 1 L bottle
Cell Conditioning 1 (CC1)950-124052798010012 L bottle
DISCOVERY Antibody Diluent760-10805266319001100 mL bottle
DISCOVERY CC1950-500064145750012 L bottle
Endogenous Biotin Blocking Kit760-05005266092001250 tests
EZ Prep Solution (10x), DISCOVERY 950-100052797550012 L bottle
Goat Ig Block, DISCOVERY760-600807988214001250 tests
Hematoxylin760-202105266726001250 tests
Hematoxylin II790-220805277965001250 tests
Inhibitor, DISCOVERY760-484007017944001250 tests
ISH Diluent (RUO), DISCOVERY760-2140738930200128 mL
ISH Protease 1780-414705273315001200 tests
ISH Protease 2780-414805273323001200 tests
ISH Protease 3780-414905273331001200 tests
Liquid Coverslip (High Temperature)650-010052648390012 L bottle
MoMap Kit, DISCOVERY 760-13705266416001125 tests
Protease 1760-201805266688001250 tests
Protease 2760-201905266696001250 tests
Protease 3760-202005266718001250 tests
PSS Diluent, DISCOVERY 760-21205266815001100 mL bottle
QD DAPI, DISCOVERY 760-419605268826001125 tests
Reaction Buffer (10x)950-300053539550012 L bottle
Red Counterstain II780-221805272017001100 tests
RiboCC760-107052662970011 L bottle
RiboHybe, DISCOVERY760-1040526625400130 mL bottle
RiboMap Kit (RUO), DISCOVERY 760-10205266190001125 tests
RiboWash (10x)760-105052662620012 L bottle
S-Block, DISCOVERY 760-421205268931001250 tests
Universal Secondary Antibody (RUO) DISCOVERY 760-420505268877001250 tests
Wash (RUO), DISCOVERY950-510073110790012 L
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