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DIAGNOSTICS F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

54 products found.

Product NameCatalog #Ordering CodeQuantity
Anti-DIG AP Multimer (RUO), DISCOVERY760-48250725630200150 tests
Anti-DIG HRP Multimer (RUO), DISCOVERY760-48220725629900150 tests
Anti-HQ HRP, DISCOVERY760-482007017936001125 tests
Anti-Mouse HQ, DISCOVERY760-481407017782001125 tests
Anti-Mouse NP, DISCOVERY760-481607425309001125 tests
Anti-NP AP, DISCOVERY760-482707425325001125 tests
Anti-Rabbit HQ, DISCOVERY760-481507017812001125 tests
Anti-Rabbit NP, DISCOVERY760-481707425317001125 tests
BlueMap Kit (RUO), DISCOVERY 760-12005266327001125 tests
ChromoMap Blue Kit (RUO), DISCOVERY 760-16105266661001125 tests
ChromoMap DAB Kit (RUO), DISCOVERY 760-15905266645001125 tests
ChromoMap Red Kit (RUO), DISCOVERY 760-16005266653001125 tests
Cy5 Kit, DISCOVERY760-2380755121500150 tests
DAB Map Detection Kit (RUO), DISCOVERY 760-12405266360001250 tests
DCC Kit, DISCOVERY760-2400798819200150 tests
DISCOVERY Teal HRP Kit (RUO)760-2470825433800150 tests
FAM Kit, DISCOVERY760-2430798815000150 tests
FITC Kit (RUO), DISCOVERY760-2320725921200150 tests
mRNA Amplification, Pretreatment & DAB Kit760-2250663444300160 tests
mRNA Duplex Amp Kit (RUO)760-2490812717400160 tests
mRNA Link (RUO)760-60140812711500160 tests
mRNA Purple HRP Detection Kit (RUO), DISCOVERY760-2550835290900160 tests
mRNA RED, Amp & Pretreatment PTO kit760-2350707465400160 tests
mRNA Sample Prep Kit (RUO)760-2480812716600160 tests
mRNA Teal HRP Detection Kit (RUO), DISCOVERY760-2560835294100160 tests
OmniMap anti-Gt HRP (RUO), DISCOVERY 760-46470660723300150 tests
OmniMap anti-Ms HRP (RUO), DISCOVERY 760-431005269652001125 tests
OmniMap anti-Rb HRP (RUO), DISCOVERY 760-431105269679001125 tests
OmniMap anti-Rt HRP (RUO), DISCOVERY 760-445705891892001125 tests
OmniMap DAB anti-Ms Detection Kit760-15005266556001125 tests
OmniMap DAB anti-Rb Detection Kit760-14905266548001125 tests
Purple kit (RUO), DISCOVERY760-2290705398300150 tests
Red 610 Kit. DISCOVERY760-2450798817600150 tests
Red Kit (RUO), DISCOVERY 760-22807425333001125 tests
RedMap Kit (RUO), DISCOVERY 760-12305266351001250 tests
Rhodamine 6G Kit, DISCOVERY760-2440798816800150 tests
Rhodamine Kit (RUO), DISCOVERY760-2330725988300150 tests
RUO Goat anti-Mouse HRP760-706008757801001250 tests
RUO Goat anti-Rabbit HRP760-705808748837001250 tests
RUO Universal HQ Kit760-27508728879001250 tests
Silver kit (RUO), DISCOVERY760-2270705364900150 tests
UltraMap anti-Gt HRP (RUO), DISCOVERY 760-46480660724100150 tests
UltraMap anti-Ms Alk Phos, DISCOVERY 760-431205269687001125 tests
UltraMap anti-Ms HRP (RUO), DISCOVERY 760-431305269695001125 tests
UltraMap anti-Rb Alk Phos, DISCOVERY 760-431405269709001125 tests
UltraMap anti-Rb HRP (RUO), DISCOVERY 760-431505269717001125 tests
UltraMap anti-Rt HRP (RUO), DISCOVERY 760-445605891884001125 tests
UltraMap Blue anti-Ms Detection Kit760-15605266637001125 tests
UltraMap Blue anti-Rb Detection Kit760-15505266629001125 tests
UltraMap DAB anti-Ms Detection Kit760-15205266572001125 tests
UltraMap DAB anti-Rb Detection Kit760-15105266564001125 tests
UltraMap Red anti-Ms Detection Kit760-15405266602001125 tests
UltraMap Red anti-Rb Detection Kit760-15305266599001125 tests
Yellow Kit (RUO), DISCOVERY760-2390769844500150 tests
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